Sunday, January 15, 2012

AdrienneRose Gionta's SIGN MY NAME project 2012

about the project:
What does a person’s signature reveal about them? According to
handwriting analysts, signatures tell volumes about a person.
Graphologists say that your signature represents your public image,
your self & your identity. I am interested in collecting & observing
the differences & similarities in how each person that is connected
to me signs my name. My signature of my name along with your
signature of my name will be annalayzed by a graphologist. Each
signature along with the results will be compiled into the SIgn My
Name project catalog. Select signatures will be produced as neon
signs for a future installation.

this is a call for everyone... every where!!! your participation is greatly appreciated!! please pass it on to whomever you like as well!

CALL FOR COLLABORATION (it's super easy!)

how to participate:

1. sign my name AdrienneRose Gionta
on any piece of paper

2. include the following information within
the body of your e-mail or
on the back of your submission:
current location:
relation to artist(how do you know me?):
favorite color:

3. take a picture or scan it,
then email to:
send the original document to
AdrienneRose Gionta
c/o MBUS
420 Lincoln Rd Suite 440
Miami Beach, FL 33139